Authored a Book – Bonita Open Solution 5.X Essentials

One of the most exciting things this year was that I was involved in writing a technical book. You heard it right, I’m an author now!

That’s one thing off my bucket list. Done!

So the book I wrote, Bonita Open Solution 5.X Essentials, is a technical book which details how to use the software tool Bonita Open Solution in creating Business Process Models and applications. It is replete with examples and hands-on knowledge.

Bonita Open Solution by Rohit Bhat

Bonita Open Solution by Rohit Bhat

The book has been published by Packt Publishing and is available here. It is also available on Amazon US and UK. I had a great time putting my knowledge about Bonita Open Solution into a form that would be beneficial for the readers. Additionally, it was an enriching experience writing the book, right from conceptualizing to the final touches.

It has been a wonderful experience and now, I would like to someday publish another book some day, maybe a novel. Let’s see what the next year has in store.

Happy New Year!


Engineering – A Coveted Career?

Engineering has always been the conventional, safe option of the middle class Indian child, born to parents from a similar background. If the child showed acumen for maths or science in school, the probability of the child choosing engineering as a career option increased manifold. The child might take the well-trodden path, but is that a bad thing in today’s times?


A good career is characterized by parameters like job satisfaction, growth, money and lifestyle. The biggest onus for an engineer is that he gets to build or fix something, directly or indirectly. Be it a mechanical engineer who builds machinery for manufacturing or a civil engineer connecting two islands with a structurally sound and beautiful bridge, the work that an engineer does results in something tangible, concrete and definite. This feeling of actually achieving something for the benefit of others translates directly into satisfaction for what you do.

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My Take On Social Media vs Traditional Media

I recently wrote an article on Watblog about the discrepancy  in traditional and social media. It originally appears here.

The inquisitiveness of mortals has long been responsible for the incessant thirst of news, ranging from serious political and social causes to celebrity parties. The medium of dissemination of news although, has undergone quite a drastic change. Traditional media like newspapers, magazines, TV and radio are making way for social media and networking websites.

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Placement Scenario of Engineering Colleges In India

I wrote this article for Gyancentral and it originally appears here.

The million dollar question that plagues many brilliant minds when they slog through their college courses is whether the effort will culminate in good placements. How do you define ‘good’ placements anyway? Here’s a peek-a-boo at the current placement scenario in the best engineering colleges of India.

Placements can give anyone jitters, from the “god” of coding to the lethargic, uninterested, time incompetent sloth, and of course, the majority of the people who fall in between these extremes. Campus placements often have more drama and nail biting experiences than what Ekta Kapoor can possibly concoct. It can throw curve balls that even the seasoned batters will find it difficult to tackle. True to the spirit of the game, it churns out one hit wonders who become the instant talk of the whole campus, not because they weren’t good enough, but for the simple fact that there were others who were much better than these students. The combined tension, drama, anxiety and eventual relief surpasses what even Sachin and his devotees might feel for his 100th century. But the whole debacle highlights some important points which have to be kept in mind to jump off from the summit with flying colors. Continue reading

A Few Words About BITSAT

Edit: This article was published in 2012, but it continues to hold relevance today as well. Please go through the article as well as the comments section. Most of your questions will be answered there.


Gyancentral, an education portal asked me to pitch in a few words about BITSAT. So, I penned down my thoughts about the same. The original article appears here.


If you are a science student in standard 12 giving IITJEE, chances are that you would also be giving AIEEE and BITSAT. For the uninitiated, BITSAT is the entrance exam to gain admission to the Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS) Pilani across all the four campuses, namely Pilani, Goa, Hyderabad and Dubai. These three entrance exams make up the trishool that every engineering aspirant tries his hand at. These entrance exams are a gateway to some of the best engineering colleges that the country has to offer. If you crack one of these exams, you can get admission to engineering colleges that are considered better than most of the local engineering colleges.

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Nothing Else Matters But Metallica Live In India


Shit happens, I know that. But what transpired day before yesterday was something that no one could possibly imagine even in their wildest nightmares.

We Indians are very good at one thing, which is to play the blame game. We have seen our politicians play is so efficiently that it looks ridiculously easy. Everyone wants to hog the limelight and have a piece of the pie without paying for it. Not surprisingly, the same happened after the atrocious turn of events on the night of 28th October, 2011 – a day that will go down in history as the day Metallica cancelled their first ever gig in India. A lot of people were blamed in the aftermath of the event. Others were just waiting to make fun at the debacle, many who were earlier jealous of the guys going for the gig. Continue reading

New Facebook Features – One Stop Shop?

Facebook has been in the news recently for a variety of reasons – one of them being the new User Interface including ticker, revamped news feed and the subscribe option. While many have been harping on the fact that facebook has copied a lot of its new designs from Google Plus and Twitter, there was a lot of buzz around Facebook’s developer conference, f8.


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